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The Kwikwap Online Training Program is offered to all Kwikwap clients. This will not change your Kwikwap Consultant.

If you are a new Kwikwap Client, and a client of Buddy Web Design, then this training program will be offered either in lieu of training or at an discounted price for past clients who have allready received training.

You will receive feedback from an experienced Kwikwap Client and guided trough the whole website development project which comprises of:

Planning and recearch
Gaining basic SEO knowledge - How search works, the basics
Guidance of getting the important basics right (Use of key words, importance of titles, importance of introductory text without deducting from the overall user experience re quality information)
Getting a beautifull design from a Kwikwap accredited designer you choose. (Influences price)
Assistance with the initial setup of more difficult sections if needed
Training on how to ad content
General important information like browser selection, clearing your cache after changes
Help with registering your website with Google Webmaster

The online training program will include Skype Consultations and if posibble, and the more desired approach, you will even be visted by an accredited Kwikwap Trainer at your place of business.

At the end of the program a follow up plan , further course of action plan will be agreed upon.

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