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Kwikwap Group Training Sessions are presented on a monthly basis in Pretoria and Cape Town. We will explore to expand to Johannesburg and Durban during this year.

You are, according to the client charter entitled to receive some minimum training services from your Kwikwap Consultant initially. Some Kwikwap consultants will be prepared to spend some extra time with you for free.

Kwikwap offers software as a service. It does happen that people join the Kwikwap program as a consultant but then does not offer enough services and then the company Kwikwap gets to be blamed.

One of the benefits of the group training sessions are that we are able to identify "problem" Kwikwap Consulants who perhaps need some better training on how to actually train and how to build a business by perhaps following trough and offer some free after sales service. Sometimes due to clashing personalities clients and their consultants don't get along. It happens to everyone.

But we often also find that at larger clients employees are replaced. These group training sessions are then the ideal solution for a good introductory session.

Clients are asked to specify on which areas they require training on. We often find the real problem and the real solution for the problem before training even begins. We are not presenting these training sessions to earn money. At R150 per person this should be obvious. But we use this an exercise to find solutions to the training problems and to find a solution for each client going forward. As long as we find the right way going forward for each individual.

It helps to have a look at what other clients are battling with and it helps to see what great things other clients are doing with their websites. It is a fine art to give value to both the beginner and the advanced people present during presentations which is why we limit the attendees to 15 or less per session.

For upcoming sessions please see the events calendar on this website.

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